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"That you are here - that life exists and identity, that powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse." - Walt Whitman


More experimenting with new ways of sending artful mail! Today I tried making mixed media self-mailers following Karen’s painted pages tutorial.

I’ve painted a paper or two in my time so I got right to it. I chose a few pages from old JPG magazines because their pages have some weight to them and a sort of satin finish. I distressed them a little with sand paper, then used my trusty spatula, stencils and craft foam stamps to lay on the paints. In between different layers of paint I spot-applied some spray varnish. After all the paint layers were down and dry, I applied a thin coat of diluted acrylic medium. I kind of hate the chalky feel of dried acrylic.

After all that came some vintage magazine people saying some snarky stuff! I didn’t do anything to the backside (the side that ends up outside when it’s all folded up) because they looked cool enough as-is.


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Finally got the high res pics from my wedding <3 Here’s a closer look at the favors I designed for all our guests! 

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Things I love the most ♡ Thank you Em ♡♡♡
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